The inner workings of this café in the Powerscourt Centre are on show here. As are the sparse amount of pastries. Don’t worry though, this was taken late in the afternoon on Sunday. They’re usually all gone by 11 am anyway!! Instead, they’re stocking up on the Cokes for the next day.


I’ve no idea who Maser is but I really like this piece of graffiti on South William Street. It’s rare that you see something more than ‘Jez Luv Nat 4E’ as serious artistic graffiti. And on the other hand, I know when a bike needs to be attached to the railings but like this?!?

Tuesdays are always a little depressing. Too far from the previous weekend and nowhere near the following one, it really is a day to feel down in the dumps. That’s why when I walked past this piece of graffiti in Temple Bar, I had to take the camera out! It’s a little bit of colour to brighten up your Tuesday!

DDP 02.04.08

Well there really was only one story around the city today and it was hard to ignore. Even as I type this late tonight, the television is debating whether or not Bertie was right to go! It’s a massive fall from grace from the man dubbed the Teflon Taoiseach – mainly because not a bad word would stick to him.

Now he leaves under a cloud of unanswered questions. Dodgy payments, planning laws, sterling and dig-outs swirl around the Taoiseach. His lasting legacy may prove to be different but for now the Irish people have been distracted by his personal life. Now we might get back to politics…

More :: Bertie Ahern to leave office on 6 May

DDP 01.04.08

With the sky blue, I thought it was a good time to show off the old style street lamps in the city. Note the very Irish shamrocks through it! These are pretty easy to find dotted around the city, although they’re not the only typical Dublin street light…

DDP 31.03.08

The sun finally came out in Dublin this morning, so really, it had to feature on DDP! This is a part of town that not many of the guidebooks will point you towards – the IFSC, which is the Irish Financial Services Centre. Think La Defènse in Paris or the City in London – this really is as close to skyscrapers as you get in Dublin and it has more financial institutions per square kilometre than any other part of the city.

It’s also right in the heart of the old docks, and some relics of the past are still visible. Here at George’s Dock is an old winch from the days the ships used to come this far in to offload imports.

You’ll get to see more of the Docklands as time goes on. The area has seen massive redevelopment and it will only continue in the years to come. The new Point, the U2 tower are all in the process of being built.

DDP 28.03.08

Well, I really couldn’t begin this blog with something atypical to do with Dublin, so here’s one that maybe 70% of tourists have!! I really like this photo because you get three landmarks for the price of one. The Custom House, that rare thing called a skyscraper in Dublin known as Liberty Hall and the Spire. To be fair, they are probably three structures that will feature from time to time on this blog. That’s no bad thing. Although Liberty Hall is a real eyesore, the Spire has been pretty controversial, despite being relatively young. It’s a giant nail, but I love it. Maybe one day it’ll become as photographed as the Eiffel Tower?!?

I hope that whether you’re a real Dub (born between the Canals) or a tourist simply wishing to visit the city at some stage, you find something interesting and entertaining! And enjoy!