If you wander about Dublin City you will find the odd quirky shop neatly tucked down a side street. Here on Clarendon Street is a small antiques shop which is actually right opposite a Catholic Church. Whether God moves in mysterious ways in order to offer customers €35 antiques I don’t know. What I do know is that the window is full to the brim of gold jewellery. The neon sign above the door describes it as a ‘collectors haven’.

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Is there any major street in the English-language world that doesn’t have one of these? A poor underpaid bloke dressed up like its -5C and advertising a Golf Sale that’s pointing this way. This is the only one I’ve ever seen in Dublin and it’s on the busiest pedestrian street, Grafton Street. Mind you, a set of clubs for €150 is pretty good…

It’s the Bad Ass Café in Temple Bar. It’s been around for years. It serves good food. And it’s famous for having Sinéad O’Connor as a former employee. In fairness, the interior looks a bit like a school canteen but the reality is that it’s good for a cheap bite to eat.

Most tourists know of Temple Bar as either the ‘cultural quarter’ of the city or a place to get absolutely drunk out of their heads in some of the many pubs in the area. But there are some fantastic clothing gems in the area. Many of them offer vintage or second hand clothes at knock-down prices, some offer clothes for the kids who are hip and others offer clothes (and other things) for hippies.

The pic shows Tambuli, at the back of the Central Bank. The smell of incense always creeps out the door and invites any passers by, tempting those who haven’t already been struck by the unusual exterior. Can you spot the reptile climbing up the wall?

While strolling through Stephens Green again today I stopped and looked through the trees and spotted the boathouse surrounded by the trees. This is one structure which, while pretty, always baffles me. Frequently used by lovers and duck lovers alike, the boathouse is a romantic place in a bustling city.