I’ve realised that I haven’t really shown the real Georgian Dublin. This is a good preview, taken on North Great George’s Street on the northside of the river late last evening. It’s a really nice street and even houses the James Joyce Centre.


Remarkably, Dublin is having really sunny weather at the moment, if a little chilly. So as the sun rises for another morning, I was passing the front of Trinity College. The statue you see in the foreground is actually 18th Century politician Henry Grattan, who graced the Irish Parliament building (now the Bank of Ireland, College Green). It was only this morning I realised that from the angle I was, it almost looks like he’s singing to the Trinity Front Gate…

Believe it or not this sculpture is right outside a restaurant in Temple Bar called, yep you guessed it, the Palm Tree!! Having been one of the first sculptures as the ‘latin quarter’ was being redeveloped, there’s a bit of a fondness for it among the people nearby. Just don’t go there on a Friday night… It’ll have a couple of Hens hanging out of it. Literally!

I was strolling through the CHQ Building this morning and it seems that Gulliver has a few mates! The one that caught my eye was this horse which seemed to be folding its arms! Ah the laid back nature of Dubliners – it’s endemic!

Tuesdays are always a little depressing. Too far from the previous weekend and nowhere near the following one, it really is a day to feel down in the dumps. That’s why when I walked past this piece of graffiti in Temple Bar, I had to take the camera out! It’s a little bit of colour to brighten up your Tuesday!

This fountain is based on College Green and ever since the ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’ was removed from O’Connell Street, this has been prone to those pesky kids and their washing-up liquid. Yes the foam goes all over the street. No, I’m sure the prominence of Trinity College students has nothing to do with it. Really.

I really like this photo though, as it was taken in really bright sunlight so you can see the water spurting toward the lens!

Cobbles, with puddles, in the city, this morning. Cold, too.